Isfahan Moghadam Co. as the first manufacturer of double layers paper tablecloths in Iran benefitting from the best domestic & foreign machineries has attracted customers’ attention. This product is manufactured & presented to the market in a variety of widths with more than 150 designs and 25 colors.

Some of the most widely used sizes are widths of 80, 100, 120 & 140 cm that are produced in lengths of 100, 120, 150 & 85 cm. To retain copyright, we changed our commercial brand name to Moghadam Catering TableclothIn 2010.

All of designs are exclusive& designed in the company’s designing unit and the copyright is reserved.

Advantages: Stylish, hygienic, resistant& impermeable to prevent flowing fluids on it.
Applications: In homes, hotels, restaurants, mosques, Kindergartens &Journey.
Other products: Lace embroideredtablecloths, Travel sheets, Diet Tablecloths.

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Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industriesbegan to manufacture thickdisposable tablecloths to complete itsproductsbasket since 2012.
This products is presented to customers in a variety of colors and designs, sohas got public attention. Its ingredients are heavy& light polyethylene materials. These tablecloths come to the market with brand of “Moghadam Catering Tablecloths”.

Advantages:Easy use,Time saving, Hygienic,Perforated
Applications: In parties, travels, restaurants, etc.
Different kinds of the products are: Milky plastic tablecloths, Privileged tablecloths, Diet tablecloths, Royal tablecloths & 50 meters tablecloths.