PE Film Unit 
Since more than 20 years ago, Isfahan Moghadam Co. as the manufacturer of different kinds of food-graded PE films & bags & holder of Health Certificate by Food & Drug Administration, has been utilizing different kinds of 3-layer and single-layer machines, which has allowed printing with Flexo and Helio devices.
Some of its products are as following:

•    Milk Packaging Films & Bags, colored & clear
Material: single- layer to 7- layer PE holding Health Permits & Standard License.
Applications: Packaging hygiene and dairy products 
Advantages: High tear resistance, high stitch capability ,high sunlight resistance, manufactured in various widths & thicknesses

•    Black-inner Printed Films & Bags
Material: PE
Applications: Packaging chemical and agricultural products 
Advantages: high sunlight resistance 

●3- layer and 7- layer Black- inner Self-adhesive Films
Material: PE
Applications: Aluminum-UPVC protective covers in various widths & thicknesses

   ●Clear Self-adhesive Plastic 
Material: Clear PE
Applications: In Automotive Industry as the car bumper cover & also asthe sandwich panel cover

●3-Layer Clear Shrink Film
Material: PE
Advantages: high tear resistance, manufactured in various widths and thicknesses

●White Water Proof Resistant Papersas Printed & without print
Advantages:manufactured in various widths and thicknesses

●Zip Keep Tapes
Applications: Usable in bag manufacturing devices