Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries is one of the main manufacturers of different kinds of composite bags to wrap poultry and livestock feed, chemicals, agricultural fertilizers, food stuffs and industrial products. These bags composed of 3 layers (sack, PE & paper) and depending on paper kind, are manufactured in 3 models of Composite White, Resistant & Craft Bags. It is notable that composite bags made up of resistant or synthetic paper as exclusive product of our company is impermeable to water and significantly have different appearance comparing similar types.

Other products on this field that can be mentioned are Laminated & Valve Bags.

 Practically valve bags can be filled with filling machine and laminated ones are as 4 layers bags made up of Sack, PE ,Paper & PE, while it’s shining appearance has drawn the attention of many active companies in the field of exports. Additionally, our company has the capability of printing bags in up to 6 colors with high quality. This potentiality enables company to implement the whole process, from designing to manufacturing & printing, in the same place that leads to save time and cost.

Healthy inner layer of bags as a considerable advantage, persuaded food industries to utilize these bags to pack powder products.

Pegah Co. is one of the companies that cooperates with us since many years ago and utilizes composite bags specially plastic- inner ones in packing their products. 
It’s worth nothing that, approximately there is no limitation for size of bags and wrinkled paper tapes can be used to stitch bags that leads to more stylish and more resistant bags.

Among the companies that largely purchase our composite bags, we can mention the names of Sepahan Daneh, Javaneye Khorasan, Iran Mayeh, Zavareh Roshd Toyour & Afarin Daneh.

Isfahan Moghadam Co., with all the powers, attempts to produce high quality products, satisfy customers, and it’s ready to receive ideas, critics and suggestions to improve the quality of products.

*Hope for a better future with you*