Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries Manufacturer of Hospital Disposable Counterpanes & Bed Sheets With the Commercial Brands of Shabnam & Nilou

Shabnam counterpane and bed sheet
Shabnam bed sheet made up of laminated tissue with the capability of absorbing water and humidity is known as one of the superior company products; having special position in hospitals and emergency departments throughout the country.
It is manufactured as the 20-meter roll with width of 60, 80, 100, 120 & 140 cm according to the customer choice.

Advantages: Printable with capability of printing exclusive brand of private and State organization, Low- sized & cost effective, No need to wash, No collecting or maintenance cost, Easy use & Absorbent of water and humidity.

This product wrapped as stylish packages for household consumption, with size of 10×120 cm, is a wonderful choice for young couples.


The following table shows the advantages of using this product in hospitals
For example: analysis of man-hour costs for common bed sheet compared with Shabnam 

 layer bed sheets:
Comparison of Isfahan Moghadam disposable bed sheets with common bed sheets

per a bed in hospital during a week
layer bed sheet Common Bed Sheet Details costs
5×80,000=400,000 Rials

30.7×80,000=600,000 Rials
30/7 hours for common bed

Minimum  needed

man-hours cost as 

weekly to change

5 hours for 2-layer disposable 

bad sheets
Minimum wage paid for a worker is 80000 Rials
0 Rials 100,000 Rials   washing
14,000×7=98,000 Rials
90000 Rials Minimum cost to wash a bed sheet as weekly Purchasing
498,000 Rials 790,000 Rials Sum of costs per a week
199,200 Rials 3,160,000 Rials  Sum of costs per a month
Considering above items, amount of decreased cost through using 2- layers disposable bed sheets instead of common bed sheets during a

month, is equal to 1,168,000 Rials, that is, equal to 116,800,000 Rials per a 100-bed hospital.


The Dental Chair Cover
As one of the main products of Isfahan Moghadam Co., it is provided for ease of working & achievement of health & safety standards desired for customers & clinics.

Advantages:  Presented as 20- meter long roll in size of 20 cm & perforated per 25 cm, to easy use in dental clinics.

Shabnam Disposable Dental Apron 
It is manufactured in 2 models of Nylon & Shabnam Double-Layer & presented in 3 designs to dentist’s easy use.

Advantages: beautiful colors, humidity & water absorbent, easy use.
Nilou Disposable Bed Sheets As one of the products of Isfahan Moghadam Co., it is manufactured & provided upon the customer’s request. This kind of bed sheet is provided for hoteling hospitals.

Advantages: softness & elegance, manufactured in different sizes of 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 100, 110, 120 cm

Since its price is important for customers, it is manufactured in different SUBSs (17, 20, 25, 30, 38, 40 & 50) according to customers’ order.

Upon the customer’s request, this kind of bed sheet may be presented as sheet, for example the cached embroidered sheet ones in dimensions of 2×120cm.
Since 2012, considering customers’ requirements, Isfahan Moghadam Co. started to manufacture Disposable Toilet Seat Cover under the commercial brand of Shabnam &very soon it converted to one of the bestselling products in the market after passing only 3 months. It is manufactured & wrapped in 20 & 40- sheet smart packages. 

Advantages: Easy portability, lightweight, Low- sized, prevention of infections and fungous skin diseases 

Applications: Usable in hotels, journey & toilets
Since 2011, Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries added Rolled Tissue Paper with commercial brand of Moghadam, to its basket product.

Moghadam Tissue Papers are made up of the best raw materials that makes them soft & fine.

Advantages: High weight compared with similar products, Nice & stylish package. It is provided in two types of printed & without print consisting 5 emboss designs.

Moghadam Duplex Rolled Tissue Paper
As the first & most common product in this group, it is provided in 28 &40-packet bags.
Weight of each packet is 250 gr with defined tolerance of 10→ gr.

Moghadam 4-piece Rolled Tissue Paper
It is provided in 14-packet bags; Weight of each packet is 500 gr with defined tolerance of 10→ gr.

Moghadam 9- piece Rolled Tissue paper
As the third & the most cost-effective product in this group, it is the best suggestion for high-consumer families.

All kinds of Toilet Tissue Paper including duplex, 4-piece & 9-piece are manufactured in width of 11 cm & perforated per 13cm.

Moghadam Duplex Towel Tissue Paper (Paper Towel)
It is manufactured in width of 22 cm & perforated per 17cm; Weight of each packet is 540 gr with defined tolerance of 15→ gr.

Applications: Utilizing as kitchen cleanser cloth napkin, disposable towel, etc.

Real Health & Wellness With Moghadam Products
Sterilization Bags and Rolls

This kind of papers is designed to use in hospitals, dental clinics, cosmetics, veterinary, and in general for all steam or gas sterilization processes.

Made up of plastic composite materials (polyester+ PP) & special papers for medical usages, they are moisture -resistant & antibacterial.

Bags sealing system sterilizes contents and prevents penetrating air bubbles, dust or any aerosols to bags.

Medical, hygienic and cosmetic unit.