Different kinds of Envelopes

Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries, provides customers different kinds 

of Laminated (Black or White- Inner), Bubbled & Metalized Envelopes with 

commercial brand of Shabnam.

Following table shows custom-made envelopes in different arbitrary sizes:
Product code Inner size of envelopes Envelope name Print design
1 150*120 150*120 Public
2 220*110 110 Public
3 220*110 110 Custom-made
4 235*120 120 Public
5 235*120 120 Custom-made
6 250*175 B5 Public
7 250*175 B5 Custom-made
8 325*220 A4 Public
9 325*270 A4 بین A3 Public
10 330*420 A3 Public
11 160*160 CD Public
Water Transferring Pipe

Manufacturer: Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries (Water Transferring Flexible Pipes)

PE Flexible Pipes as an easy, inexpensive& advanced technical method in transferring water, are made up of 

polyethylene sheets. Compared with PE and P.V.C pipes & lay flat pipes, these pipes have high capabilities that make 

them widely applicable in irrigation industry in many countries.

Applications: Ideal to transfer water, and use in pressurized irrigation systems. 

Technical advantages:

       ● 4-time more lightweight compared with PVC& PE pipes.

●Strengthened with PE yarns 

●Easy transportation and maintenance 

●Recyclable & in accordance with the environmental standards 

●Easy installation 

●Resistant to UV rays

●Resistant to size-change caused by tension 

●Resistant to extreme temperature changes from -70 to +70