Different kinds of laminated bags, resistant and valued (3 layers, 4 layers, 5 layers) and nylon inside.

Characteristics: resistant to moisture and rupture- beautiful- printing with high quality.

Indications: packing poultry and livestock feed, chemicals, drugs agricultural fertilizers, dairy industries, food processing industry .
White Composite bag
This product is mad up of 3 layer of PP sack, PE & ordinary paper.

Advantages: more stylish compared with ordinary sacks, printable in up to 6 colors.

3-layer composite bag

Composite valve bags
these bags made up of 3 layers of PP sack, PE & Paper and having the valve hole, accelerate the filling phase in companies that are using filling machine.
the size of the valve hole is changeable depending on the customer demand.

Advantages: printable in up to 6 colors
4-layer laminated composite

This product consists 4 layers of PP Sack, PE, Paper & PE.

Advantages: impermeability to moisture & high resistance up to twice more than ordinary bag; an additional PE layer & so high-quality, shiny & stylishprint on it.

4-layer composite bag

Nylon-Inner Composite Bag
this product is made up of 3 layers of Sack, PE & Paper.

Advantages: A 3-layer PE packet has been put inside it to be impermeable.

Applications: Usable in dairy & food industries.

Nylon Inner composite bag

Resistant Composite Bag
This product is made Up of 3 layers of Sack, PE & Resistant Paper.

Asvantages: Impermeable to moisture, Printable in up to 6 colors whit high quality.

Kraft Composite Bags
This Product is made up of 3 layers of Sack, PE & Kraft paper.

Advantages: stylish, high resistant.

Applications: usable in packing export products such as powdered milk, petrochemicals, etc.