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Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries managed by Akhavan Moghadam was established in Mobarakeh Industrial Zone in 1991 and started its activity on manufacturing plastic, printing & packaging different products.

Isfahan Moghadam Manufacturing Industries managed to get Quality Management Certificate from U.R.S Company in UK in 2005 and as a consequence of observing and promoting the mentioned system, received ISO 9001-2008 Certificate from B.R.S Co. in America.

In this regard, taking the advantage of continuous improvement methods and paying special attention to intended provisions, this company was selected as the Top Entrepreneur by Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2009 and received the title of “Top Product in Research and Development” from Ministry of Industries and Mines.

Quality control is the assurance of the supply and production of goods and services according to the set standards or (achieving the integrity of the desired features in a product). For example, measuring or testing a product or commodity to determine if it meets the required technical specifications. Quality control is a set of operations, such as a measurement or test, performed on a product or commodity to determine whether that product conforms to the desired technical specifications. We complete quality laboratory and physical services in our laboratory to check the characteristics of products to meet the requirements and meet national and international standards, current regulations of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and customer requests