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Advertising bags

Types: Polymer and Navon bags Production in the following forms: resistant handle, bandage handle, banana handle, resistant back lip Floor-cassette, side-cassette, adhesive lip and with pocket Properties: durable, anti-moisture, lasting advertisement Uses: Manufacturers, stores, exhibitions and shopping malls  

Disposable nylon gloves

Material: Polyethylene Properties: Protection of hand skin, anti-allergic, clear, prevent direct hand contact in Uses: work activities to prevent transmission of contamination

Disposable tablecloth

Types: paper, transparent and plastic

Material: Polyethylene + paper tissue / Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene, + Printing

Properties: Beautiful, hygienic, durable, waterproof, printing variety, perforated

Uses: Homes - Hotels - Restaurants - Mosques - Kindergartens - Picnic

Freezer bag

Types: Rolls and sheets Material: Polyethylene Advantages: Keeping foods fresh Uses: food packaging at home, restaurants, shops and ...

Garbage bag

Types: Simple, lacy, overlap (separate and roll sheets and perforated) Material: Polyethylene Advantages: Anti-insect, prevention of transmission of contaminant, ease of transport, produced from grade 1 raw materials Uses: Homes, hospitals, hotels, municipalities and agencies

Mail envelope

Types: white laminate, black laminate, metallized laminate, bubble Material: polyethylene + paper / opp metallized + polyethylene + paper / paper + bubble polyethylene Properties: Resistant to light, moisture and tear - Producible in different dimensions - Possibility of printing custom designs Uses: Post offices, banks and agencies