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Food envelopes

Types: Different types of rolls and envelopes for packing of beans, spices, cakes and cookies with printing   Material: paper + polyethylene by coating method (extrusion and adhesive) / paper + polyethylene / all kinds of transparent and colored metallized films + polyethylene + aluminum Properties: hygienic, capability of being produced in different thicknesses, high durability, resistant to moisture and light, heat sealable (Celsius) Uses: Tea packaging, nuts, cereals, spices, cakes and cookies, coffee, coffee mix and ...    


Types: single layer and double layer Material: Transparent OPP / Metallized OPP / Oyster OPP Properties: Healthy and durable print quality Uses: Chips, puffs, ice cream, plums, mineral water labels, soft drinks and ...

Packaging lids for food containers (hit flood)

Types: Rolls and different sizes with printing Material: lacquered aluminum + polyester / (metallized - printed - transparent) Adtagevans: High strength and durability, easy to open Uses: Lids of PP and PS containers for dairy, food and health products  

Polyethylene films and envelopes

Types: three layers, seven layers, milky, black inside Material: Polyethylene Properties: Resistant - Sealable - Producible in different widths and thicknesses - Resistant to light and moisture Uses: Packaging of dairy (milk, curd and buttermilk), food, chemical and agricultural products and plastic parts and multilayer pipes  

Sachet packaging

Types: simple and valve Material: Polyester + Aluminum + Polyethylene / Paper + Aluminum + Polyethylene Benefits: Durable, high durability, special for solvent packaging and alcohol. ...  

Zipper vacuum films and envelopes

Types: Simple, zipper, with cassette (cassette floor, two-side cassette, three-side cassette) in various colors, transparent, metalized, golden Material: polyester + polyethylene / polyamide + polyethylene / polyester + aluminum / polyethylene / fantasy paper + polyethylene   Properties: increasing product durability, preventing spoilage of foods, reducing volume Uses: food packaging (meat,chiken, sausages, dates, etc.), nuts, seeds, coffee and herbal supplements and pet food – clothes