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– Disposable toilet seat cover

Material: sulfide paper Properties: Lightweight, super hygienic - soluble in water, prevention of contamination, made up of eco-friendly materials Uses: Homes - Hotels - Airplanes - Trains and Public Centers

Bandage packing and sterile gauze

Types: Rolls and envelopes Material: polyethylene with printing + medical paper Properties: Sterilized Uses: Bandage, sterile gas

Bed sheets

Types: Simple and printed Material: paper towels + polyethylene Properties: soft, comfortable and light, moisture-absorbing, sterilized, printable and perforated. Uses: Hospitals and clinics, clinics and medical centers, homes or as dental and hairdressing aprons - hotels - nursing homes - medical centers  

Depilatory pad

Material: Nonwoven with antibacterial Advantages: Antibacterial with nanotechnology, prevention of pimples, infection, skin inflammations and allergies Uses: Homes and beauty salons

Disposable paper apron

Types: Simple and patterned with printing (printable) Material: paper tissue + polyethylene Properties: soft, comfortable and light, moisture absorbent, sterile, printable and perforated Indications: Hospitals and clinics, dentistry and hairdressing salons - nursing homes - medical centers

Hand disinfectant gel

Material: alcohol + disinfectant gel Properties: Resistant to environmental contamination, waterproof and permeable yarn, fast absorption ablution to the skin without the need for washing, hand softener and prevention of dry skin, eliminates germs, viruses and bacteria, very easy to carry and moisturizing Uses: Suitable for use in contaminated hospital and industrial places, etc.

Hospital clothes

Types: breathable and laminated clothes , hospital gan Material: Span Band + Respiratory Fabric / Span Band + Polyethylene / Front (Span Band + Laminate with Polyethylene) and Back (Span Band GR40) Properties: Preventing the transmission and spread of coronary heart disease and protecting health guards, Ability to transfer body heat out of clothing, Waterproof and impenetrable, resistant to environmental pollution, different sizes, appropriate sewing quality and anti-allergy Uses: Suitable for use in contaminated hospital and industrial areas  


Types: Fabric, Nanoone, N95  and medical Material: cotton polyester, viscose polyester / 3 layers of span band / 3 layers of span band, 2 layers of melt blown + valve / 2 layers of span band + 1 layer of Mellon Bloon / 3 layers of span band / 2 layers of span band + 1 layer of Mellon Bloon Properties: Resistant to transmission of viruses and bacteria, resistant to the spread of infectious diseases, resistant to liquids, disinfectant, washable, prevent the entry of airborne particles into the respiratory system, economical due to washability Note: These masks can be used repeatedly, so before each use, put on weight (even the first time) for 2 minutes in boiling water. Uses: Environment and public places, hospitals and ...  

Syringe cover film

Types: Gel and Printed Material: Polypropylene + Polyethylene / Polyamide + Polyethylene Properties: Forming - flooding Uses: Syringe manufacturing companies  

Vpack products

Types: Rolls and envelopes Material: polyester + polyethylene + medical paper Properties: sterilized, printable with different designs Uses: Packaging of medical and laboratory equipments

Wound adhesive cloth

Types: polymer and fabric Material: fabric - polyester - linen Uses: Wound adhesive manufacturers