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– Disposable toilet seat cover

Material: sulfide paper Properties: Lightweight, super hygienic - soluble in water, prevention of contamination, made up of eco-friendly materials Uses: Homes - Hotels - Airplanes - Trains and Public Centers

Advertising bags

Types: Polymer and Navon bags Production in the following forms: resistant handle, bandage handle, banana handle, resistant back lip Floor-cassette, side-cassette, adhesive lip and with pocket Properties: durable, anti-moisture, lasting advertisement Uses: Manufacturers, stores, exhibitions and shopping malls  

Bandage packing and sterile gauze

Types: Rolls and envelopes Material: polyethylene with printing + medical paper Properties: Sterilized Uses: Bandage, sterile gas

Bed sheets

Types: Simple and printed Material: paper towels + polyethylene Properties: soft, comfortable and light, moisture-absorbing, sterilized, printable and perforated. Uses: Hospitals and clinics, clinics and medical centers, homes or as dental and hairdressing aprons - hotels - nursing homes - medical centers  

Coil packing and steel sheets

Types: Simple and wrinkled paper / polymeric materials Material: paper + net + polyethylene / paper + polyethylene Properties: Resistant, shock absorber (resistant to corrosion of metals), prevents the penetration of light and moisture up to 3.5 meters wide Uses: For packing coils and steel sheets  

Composite packaging

Types: Rolls, envelope, VALF, Inside Nylon, White Paper, Kraft Paper and synthetic paper Material: Propylene Sack + Polyethylene + Paper / Propylene Sack + Paper + BOPP Properties: moisture resistant - beautiful - high quality printing - resistant to impact - 3 or 4 layers Uses: Livestock and poultry feed packaging, milk powder, chemicals, agricultural fertilizers, food and industrial products - advertising banner covers

Depilatory pad

Material: Nonwoven with antibacterial Advantages: Antibacterial with nanotechnology, prevention of pimples, infection, skin inflammations and allergies Uses: Homes and beauty salons

Disposable nylon gloves

Material: Polyethylene Properties: Protection of hand skin, anti-allergic, clear, prevent direct hand contact in Uses: work activities to prevent transmission of contamination

Disposable paper apron

Types: Simple and patterned with printing (printable) Material: paper tissue + polyethylene Properties: soft, comfortable and light, moisture absorbent, sterile, printable and perforated Indications: Hospitals and clinics, dentistry and hairdressing salons - nursing homes - medical centers

Disposable tablecloth

Types: paper, transparent and plastic

Material: Polyethylene + paper tissue / Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene, + Printing

Properties: Beautiful, hygienic, durable, waterproof, printing variety, perforated

Uses: Homes - Hotels - Restaurants - Mosques - Kindergartens - Picnic

Food envelopes

Types: Different types of rolls and envelopes for packing of beans, spices, cakes and cookies with printing   Material: paper + polyethylene by coating method (extrusion and adhesive) / paper + polyethylene / all kinds of transparent and colored metallized films + polyethylene + aluminum Properties: hygienic, capability of being produced in different thicknesses, high durability, resistant to moisture and light, heat sealable (Celsius) Uses: Tea packaging, nuts, cereals, spices, cakes and cookies, coffee, coffee mix and ...    

Freezer bag

Types: Rolls and sheets Material: Polyethylene Advantages: Keeping foods fresh Uses: food packaging at home, restaurants, shops and ...